Distance Kinesiology


While I am based in Sydney and the Illawarra regions of New South Wales, Australia, I also fortunately provide Distance Sessions. Some people who are local may still choose to see me from the comfort of their home. Distance healing is just as effective as in-person healings. In order to receive a Distance healing, it is best to be free from distractions and time limits. As I tell my clients after a session, it's important to take it easy after Kinesiology, to allow your mind body to process the healing effectively.

Online sessions

I conducted my first online session for a client in the UK back in 2018. Small disclosure: I was a little skeptical at first, so I began to receive my own online consultations as a client myself, and was pleasantly surprised with the result.

What do I do? Let’s look at what an online consultation entails:

  1. What is are your symptoms saying:
    Symptoms you experience are the signals from your body, which always exist with reason. I decode these symptoms through the lens of Chinese medicine to help you understand which organs need to be brought back to balance (including the whys and hows). See my article on Yin Deficiency here.

  2. The ‘mind’ part, i.e. Client-centred counselling:
    I listen to the words that you use to describe your world. This part is important in identifying the subconscious beliefs that may be preventing you from moving away from your issue towards your conscious goals. Healing begins here, as it is important for you to speak and release the thoughts circulating in your mind. You will always be heard without judgement and an open heart.

  3. Shining the light of consciousness on to your subconscious mind, i.e. identifying the pattern.
    With the information collected from your words, feeling states and symptoms, we can begin to identify the pattern. Even while listening to yourself talk and the words you use to describe your own world, many of you gasp (and sometimes laugh) at some of the incredulous beliefs you’ve been carrying. It is not until we bring to light the beliefs we carry that we actually challenge or release them. Until then they’re in the background influencing 95% of our life.

    Symptom > behaviour > unresolved emotional stress/subconscious belief.

  4. The ‘body’ part
    Often steps 1-3 are sufficient for some people. Particularly those who like to take charge of their own healing process. The next step for the rest of us is to get the body on board with the mind. As always I will guide you through this process, however your body already knows what it needs. Being open and willing to heal will ensure the process is most effective.

    Corrections include and are not limited to:
    Releasing a trapped emotion (with my guidance), holding particular acupoints on your body relevant to your pattern (each point has it's own unique physical and psychological function), down-regulating the nervous system, eye-mode release, lymphatic stimulation, past-resolution, and/or bush flower remedies.

  5. Return to presence
    After the correction stage I guide you back to presence. I listen to your experience of the session and we identify if and when a follow up is required. 

What to expect:

Here are some words that clients have used to describe sessions with Inner Wisdom Kinesiology:
'Transformative', 'Calm', 'Intuitive', 'Caring', 'Clarity', 'Authenticity', 'Empowering', 'Warm', 'Gentle', 'Compassionate', 'Knowledgable', 'Professional', 'Thorough', 'Breakthrough'.

"I just had the most wonderful experience in an online session with Jasmin. She guided and helped me release my anxiety.Thank you Jas for the healing today, it was just what I needed. I feel very calm and a sense of relief. You are an amazing practitioner."
Mel H, mother and therapist