IWK's Kinesiologist

Jasmin Choice BA, DipKin, DipMBM

I came into kinesiology while living in France. Having experienced longstanding anxiety and limiting beliefs since childhood, I confided in a friend who recommended that I see their local family kinesiologist. My experience was so powerful that it changed the direction of my life, and it was from this point onward I knew I wanted to be to others who that kinesiologist had been to me.

Upon my return to Sydney I continued my kinesiology treatment and found the College of Complementary Medicine where I commenced studies almost immediately. After graduating I went straight into working with the wonderful people of Sydney's Inner West at Pure Botanicals Newtown, where I still practice today. As of July 2018 I decided to open my own practice in Marrickville dedicated to children, as I believe it's critical to resolve issues early in life while we are most receptive to change.