What does a Kinesiology session involve?

We start by talking about your world, and physical symptoms from headaches, to your quality of sleep and energy levels.    

This information helps me map out what may be going on on an emotional level. This is because in Chinese Medicine, there is a unique psychology to every symptom and each part of the body, even dull pain has a different pathology to stabbing pain. For example, fear affects the kidneys, which can manifest as weak knees, nocturnal urination, lower back pain and soft tinnitus. It is understood that anything unresolved on an emotional level will always manifest on a physical level. 

We then use muscle monitoring [see image above] to identify what is the area that most needs addressing. Other techniques used in treatment include palpating acupoints, assessing eye modes, testing reflexes, age regression, and guided visualisations. These however are just a few of the methods used by kinesiologists, and every session will vary.

How can Kinesiology help?


In kinesiology we like to look beyond your symptoms to identify unresolved subconscious stress. This is because subconscious limiting beliefs and unresolved emotions will eventually manifest on a physical symptomatic level. Symptoms such as chronic pain don't just exist in isolation.

Identifying the cause of the stress has more long term results than simply addressing the effects (symptoms).

At Inner Wisdom Kinesiology I work with women experiencing stress, anxiety, digestive issues and chronic pain. My children's clinic in Marrickville Sydney focuses on anxiety, reactive behaviours, hypersensitivity and delayed milestones in children.

How many treatments do you suggest?


Your individual treatment plan will depend on what we're focusing on, and can range from three to multiple sessions. 

Many clients seek the support of a continuing therapeutic relationship and will see me monthly for a year or more as we work through issues as they arise.

Treatment times also depend on whether you are fully ready for your healing journey. I provide a completely judgement-free and safe space for you to share as little or as much as you feel comfortable, and our pace will always be guided by you.