Kinesiology for kids at IWK's Sydney clinic

How can Kinesiology help my child?

Kinesiology can help children with the following: 

- Delayed milestones

- Concentration

- Immunity

- Coordination 

- Oversensitivity to surroundings

- Anxiety  

- Reactive behaviour

- Bedwetting (past age 5)  

In Kinesiology our approach to working with any of the above symptoms is to prioritise the assessment of retained neo-natal reflexes, brain function and nervous system regulation.   

Your child's first session with me will be about building trust. It is a space to share what's going on at home and school, and for me to use my favourite body work techniques to calm your child's nervous system. 

I will teach you some of these to take home with you to use with your child.  Following sessions will still be geared towards toning the nervous system, but will also involve reflex testing and movement based exercises to help integrate any retained reflexes. 

I will use biofeedback (muscle testing) to identify which brain points are required to help form new associations to the indicated stress.  

Some sessions may involve more gentle discussion and processing stressful events in your child's terms, while other sessions may involve more movements and body work. 

Carla Levo, mother


Testimonial -     

"My 5 year old daughter has seen Jasmin a few times now to keep her balanced and confident having just started school. Jasmin’s approach with my girl is natural, eloquent and very powerful. My daughter calls Jasmin the relaxation person and she is the one who requests to see Jasmin. With so much crazy energy around our children these days I think it is wonderful to have a practitioner like Jasmin in our community. I will be sure to continue to take my daughter to see Jasmin to support her through childhoods milestones and will highly, highly recommend her to all parents."

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